Living Inside The Moment

For less than a year now I have been working on a job that is not exactly what I want, and to compound matters I spend all day just thinking how I can get out, find a new job, move to a new area, earn more money and just overall make my life better, but better than what? Better than what I am feeling in the present moment. Okay, I have read the “Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle,” and after reading found that I agreed with his philosophy and even practiced the lessons outlined on how to still your mind and basically live in the moment, but what if the moment you’re living in is not the moment you want to be in, then you change the moment to one you can live with is my philosophy.

I follow Christ, The Law of Attraction, The Secret, Subliminal Messages, Meditation, Exercise, Yoga, Stretching you name it I have enjoyed it, but when the moment comes that you find yourself in an unpleasant situation all the holistic medicine in the world can’t change that only a lobotomy or complete acceptance of your fate and the clinging to the belief that this is your destiny.

I am a firm believer that living in the moment helps to mellow those awful cravings for future and past desires. We are always living life thinking that things will get better in the future, but to think that says that today for you is crap and that tomorrow holds the key, but do you know what key tomorrow holds, no! When the tomorrow you speak about comes, it will be today again and you will be in the same spot unless of course you have made some valuable changes to the tomorrow you wish to live in. It’s very simple, yesterday was today, now it is tomorrow which is today, it always goes back to today. So living in the now is all we have there is no future, there is no past, there is only an infinite amount of today.

If you are like me, I hate it when I am dissatisfied with someone or a situation and once my mind gets wind of it and it always does because that is where the problem originates, it suddenly fills my head with all kinds of solutions. It starts with you should do this, you can do that, maybe this, oh yeah this will work and by the time it has filled my head with every conceivable solution I feel exhausted. All I want to do is be in the moment, recognize my discontent, ask myself for reasons why and reach a logical, and practical solution without all the additional chatter that seems to be there cheering me on so I could further confuse the issue.

A state of harmony should and can be easily achievable if you but notice the moments when your mind is playing this solution game with you. When your head starts filling up with talk overlapping talk overlapping talk then it is time to pay attention to what’s going on and who is in control. It doesn’t take a psychiatrist or weeks of counselling to help you settle your mind, it begins in a moment and last through continuous awareness and self talk. The next time you hear that wild runaway chatter take hold, stop and firmly insist that “YOU GET OUT OF MY HEAD!” When the chatter has no control and no one to help it along it begins to dissipate, but you have got to work on it, it doesn’t take much and before you know it a sense of peace and calm comes over you, that great feeling of being in charge of your thoughts.

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