The real Law of Attraction!

Several years ago, before I even heard of the “The Law of Attraction,” I was performing everything that the masters who claim to know how to use it wrote about. You see I had a general sense of confidence in everything I desired, and some things I had a bit more confidence towards, or a deeper more fluid type of emotional excitement about a thing I wanted to see or do. I didn’t have a mapped out plan or instructions that said you must do this or you must do that in order to see manifest the dreams of your desire, what I had was old fashion belief in myself and the things I wanted to accomplish. It wasn’t until I picked up a book By: Esther and Jerry Hicks on the subject of the Law of Attraction, that I saw what I thought was a natural phenomenon disappear from within me and re-manifest itself though a set of instructions.

The picture indicates a form of distortion. Looking through the glass the perceived is a face that is up and down, but in actuality it is neither, the face is unmoved. The same goes for our thinking. We go along with a set of thoughts and processes that work for us, and then we come across someone or a piece of literature that suddenly seems interesting and in alignment with our general feelings about our life and circumstances at the moment. We go deep in the offered idea, and if this ideology presents itself as a curative for what we think may be a solution to all our problems then we accept it as gold. This is what happens to people who are not in control of their life and the situations within, they become followers of those they believe to have authority.

It is easy to sell a man on an idea of betterment because all of mankind or most of mankind lives in a state of wanting. Wanting more than what he has because he doesn’t know that with more comes more wanting, it’s a basic human condition of never being satisfied, I think it’s one of the flaws coded incorrectly in our DNA. Everyone visualizes a better world, a better life, a better relationship. So when someone comes through with a book, a course, a concept, an idea that he wants to share with you about how you can have anything you desire through “The Law of Attraction,” you’ve got to get you a copy, a seat or a piece of that thinking, but it’s all about marketing what people want. The real Law of Attraction is within you. There are verses in the Bible that gives you a hint of how it works if you but understand what is being said though the parables, but bottom line anything you want if you focus hard enough with a strong emotional conviction your mind will feed you ideas about how to go about gaining just that. It is not going to materialize out of nothing. This is not about magic, it is about working towards your goals by giving attention regularly to that which you desire and if you are sincere and stay the course soon you will see the results, the key is to persevere.

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