Can Desiring a thing make you have It?

The spiritual world is divided into two halves, those who believe and those who do not. But believe in what you might ask, and the answer would be believe that anything is possible. From the beginning man has always been on this quest to do things creatively that through discovery led to a better way of life, and one of those discoveries was fire. The oldest unequivocal evidence, found at Israel’s Qesem Cave, dates back 300,000 to 400,000 years, associating the earliest control of fire with Homo sapiens and Neanderthals.

Look at the beauty and splendor of this building. Before it came to life it was an idea, (something not even the size of a pin head,) in some man or woman’s mind, and from there it was put to paper and then became real. Everything in life once existed as a thought, and only through persistence and the gathering of information necessary to bring those thoughts up off the paper and into 3-D form can this happen.

If you are like me you dream big and you dream constantly, especially when in a situation that you find counter to what you believe your life should be. It’s easy to build a world in your head, but when that world refuses to manifest itself, you start to doubt the process. Before this post I wrote about “The Law of Attraction.” It wasn’t my intentions to dispel this law of the universe, it was my intention to create in you a line of thinking that coalesces with caution and possible deception. When hundreds of people are selling the same idea and tweaking it with variations of the process, then I consider that a bit more than just ambiguity.

Dreams/Desires are the beginning stages of something that can come to life. The dream shows the outer shell of the object of your desire, while the inner parts that brings that dream object to life lies within you, or around you. The key is to have enough personal attachment to that desire. Now what does that mean? When you have a “Personal Attachment” to something, you have an investment in it to the degree you don’t want to lose your investment, and so you go about trying to make that idea, dream or investment work for you by discovering through trial and error the nature of its existence, how it can come to life.

Famous inventors like Edison who barely had an education, yet came up with an idea through trial and error of one of the greatest contributions to mankind. This is not to say that we have to invent a thing such as light or the filament for a bulb, but any aspect of your desire to better yourself, to have a greater lifestyle, more fulfillment or better more rewarding relationships comes with the same application as building a building, or designing a nuclear reactor.


Whatever it is, in your mind and heart, that you greatly desire you can have. It’s not an easy road to travel as most people are looking for quick fixes, they don’t work. All the asking, begging and praying to God will not help you if you do not help the process as well with your own energy. People believe that being good and doing good deeds will bring them all the riches in the world, but perhaps the gracious feeling that comes with good deeds is all the riches they need.

The magnitude of your desire doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you have a dream or desire for something and then you work your way through everything possible to get there; to bring your dream to life. Sometimes the process may be a little eluding there may come times when the presenting results of the moment don’t match what you envision, but remember you don’t know what the process of getting there looks like, you only know what the beginning and the end looks like, these are the only things you have seen in your visions. The middle is the elusive part that comes disguised in many forms, the key is to persist no matter what until you feel that you have arrived at your desired destination.

The emotional elation, the feeling of accomplishment is your indication that life has rewarded you accordingly. Whether you are striving to achieve in athletics, business, relationships the feeling of having striven to reach a point of perfection is awesome. Remember without a goal or a dream to follow you are like and asteroid moving though space, but with a goal and a desire you are like the Star Ship Enterprise on a mission. #bruce

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