The Great Thing About Being Alone.

In order to understand the polymorphic influence of the solitude upon the inner life of the soul it is essential to analyze all the causative factors of solitude and the personality’s profile of the person who lives in solitude. For the majority of human beings the solitude is a painful experience, inducing sadness, anxiety and fear, though for others is a chance for spiritual elevation, self-knowledge, interior peace and serenity, happiness becoming also a way to the truth. More and more as I get older I see solitude as a therapeutic, rather than medicinal application for the preservation or cultivation of one’s own sanity. We spend a great deal of our lives locked into a job or career whereby we unknowingly absorb an infinite amount of distortion through the lives of other’s.

It’s different when you’re young and just sort of learning things about life and other people on this planet, or even your community. A young person needs to develop a personality, get an understanding for life through the lives of other’s. Too when you are young you are somewhat welded socially to a life of chaos just through school, work and the shedding of ill-fated relationships. And with this amalgamation of social and cultural blindness an awareness surfaces through the need to find order and balance in your own private world.

Being alone is a choice made through self awareness and the understanding of your own existence. Most people are afraid of being alone, or afraid of being cast into a mold of an atypical person who does not fit into the prescribed archetypal world most common to everyone else. But people are becoming aware of the need to dissociate from the norm and create an environment based on their own personal desires. Being alone allows you the opportunity to go within without disturbance from the outer world. It is a place where you can create and cherish your own thoughts and ideas about self and life connected or not. Being alone strips away all the false platitudes. It is a place of ingenuity where there is no shame or regression, but rather a forward thrust into a benevolent understanding of who you are and where it is exactly you want to be.

Alone does not mean lonely. Being alone presents opportunity. Being alone is a strengthening of one’s own will, it is a chance to go anywhere in life and experience anything you desire without ever altering your frame of reference. Being alone gives you a moment to relax without judgement, to truly think about what you like, and what you want in life. It is a chance to clear up some self-delusions and to recreate yourself if that is what is needed. Or to just create yourself in the moment of solitude you so desperately have waiting for.

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