How to stop being part of all the Madness.

Everyday we awaken to a new bit of information that reveals how displaced the world is. I work for pennies and find every week I have to count my earnings so that they match equally to my amount of debt, and then pray I have a enough left over to try and enjoy a bit of life, and then suddenly I realize I have more than enough because throughout the chaos of life I forgot to factor in all the money I have saved for that space flight to Titan. Yes we are waking up everyday to more and more chaos so much so that the world is melting from all the heat created from people going nowhere fast.

Donald Trump welcomed Kanye West to the Oval Office for a long-anticipated sit-down meeting. And, on the day the president signed the Music Modernization Act into law, the billionaire and the musician who claims to be one discussed just about everything other than songs: North Korea, hats, “male energy,” airplanes, the 13th amendment, Chicago, parallel universes. Jim Brown was there, too. Tell me this isn’t madness. With all the issues of the world the President of the US is sitting down with Rapper Kanye West and Jim Brown of all people.

Chaos is all around us, pushing on us with almost intelligent intention. People are creating more and more so that more and more money can be made. It would be great if we looked upon the mechanisms of man as being truly vital to our survival here on earth, but in actuality all the things created are frivolous commodities used to make money for companies so large they’ll never fall because the buffers they have are rock solid. Its all about supremacy, leading the world, being in control and having more than the next guy. Granted it is a wonderful thing to see creations flourish and the rewards adjusted to that individuals efforts, but in reality the things being created extract the things we need to live a normal life on this planet.

There’s no way to escape the fate of the world, life is on a trajectory that neither you or I can do anything about. True this a collective effort and if we are to make the necessary changes to reverse where the earth is headed, then man would have to accept a position of equality with his fellow man, and that is not going to happen. The likelihood of one day waking up and seeing that everything created in the name of money suddenly become a contribution to mankind is absolutely zero. It has always puzzled me that if man can create things for money, he can equally create things just so everyone can have equally, but that can’t happen because the innate desire of man to be the owner of the world will always win out. And this feeling or thought is in everyone whether we know it or not. So let’s accept that the world is not going to change, man is not going to change, and the madness of this life is not going to change we are where we are as a collection of all the crap present from each and everyone, so the best thing to do is create your own little life, call it what you want, and build your life with peace, and an environment acceptable of your consciousness. Leave the chaos outside, be kind to everyone and love those who love you.

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