The Magic of Having a Plan

Have you ever wondered why all the things or most of the things you hope for never come to light, it’s quite simple, failing to have a plan. Everything that we see around us in terms of man made items was once the product of someone’s thoughts. Maybe it’s an idea to create some mechanized item that will service the core of mankind, or a destructive weapon that could snuff out the lives of millions of people, regardless to the what it is, everything once was a thought in someone’s mind.

A plan is not a New Years Resolution; something that you profess you’re gonna do or give up and find yourself regretting ever having made. A plan is also not something that simply enters into your thoughts, (and even with a hard pressed commitment), quickly dissipates and subordinates to other fanciful ideas.

So what is a plan then and how does it work? A plan is exactly what the word refers, it is a schematic, blueprint, set of instructions, a path if followed will lead you to your desired outcome. Most people often have plans to do or create things like go into business, apply for a certain job, take certain courses in college and usually this type of plan is misconstrued for simple desire, or wishful thinking. A true plan begins with what you want, and follows a course to completion according to how you think the outcome will evolve. The favorable or unfavorable outcome of your plan depends on how realistic it is and how deeply you apply yourself to it. Once an idea is formed it needs somewhere to go in order to be actualized. A plan can only survive through the life you breathe into it. So in order to see your dreams come true you don’t need to beg and pray to the wind, hoping that that things will materialize just for the asking. You need to give structure to your goal or plan and you do this through the nourishment required to advance your goal from inception to reality; you take it from step one (1) to however many steps you have allocated in your design to make it real. You live it as if it is a part of you.

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