Never too old to have Dreams

Dreams for life are often times confused with that thing we do when sleep. Though when we are asleep we do dream, however they are not like the dreams we have in our waking hours. The dreams I am speaking about here are the dreams we have of things we desire for our life, for our existence here on earth. These dreams form the particulates that when combined form the reality of that which we desire. No reality is without format and in this case the format is the design created within our dreams.

Everything in life—that was not naturally here from the beginning—is the product of someone’s dream. From a child we begin developing ideas based on what we see around us everyday, this is what is known as the beginning of coveting. Children covet what their friends have and even into adulthood many people continue to covet until they begin to realize that what one person has anyone can have. Dreaming your dreams into reality does not start and stop with age, there is no time limit and it can happen at any point in life, even at 63 which has sort of happened for me.

I’ve been a dreamer all my life. Not the kind of dreams that are wishful thinking, but the kind of dreams that in my heart I know are manageable and achievable. When I was in my early twenties I felt that I didn’t belong in someone else’s dream, especially the type where I am working to see another person have his dreams come true. Of course we all have to work, and people believe that there are not enough careers built on self-employment to go around, untrue. You can build your own world and sustain a livable dream lifestyle for years to come, there will never be an end to the types of dreams you can make come true. I did a few businesses when I was young. I would wake up one day with an idea and then make it come true by just doing it. Granted I was not savvy enough or educated enough at that time to make my businesses fly, and even those determinants were not the factor for my dissolution of dream, discipline, will power and seeing things through were the main factors to realizing a dream come true.

I am 63 today and still working. I have traded my dream of a wonderful business for a better paying job that I can enjoy doing in these years ahead. For 6 years now I have refused to marry a job that isn’t satisfying me the way I want to be satisfied, and in my daily chants and prayers I keep asking for that dream to come true, and it has finally come true and more. I got the job of my dreams and the salary I am worth. I believe in myself, and I believe you can do and have anything you want by dreaming your dream, talking to it daily, seeing it as if it was already there and continuously researching what it is you want until it becomes part of your daily thinking process. Never think it is not going to happen because it doesn’t happen in your time frame. It didn’t happen before you thought of it, so why become impatient just because you now want it. Relax and allow things to manifest in its time, what have you got to lose by having a dream. The key is to think of it so much that it becomes part of your nature. Find out everything you can about that which you are dreaming of and your dreams will come true.

4 thoughts on “Never too old to have Dreams

  1. katparris

    Hi, Another great Blog! I am so happy your dreams for The job you wanted has finally come true, you hit this topic Right on the head, very proud of you!

    n Sun, 25 Aug 2019 14:55:56 +0000


    1. I had to edit your comment as it was personal and I can’t have personal items on the website, sorry. Thank you for your comment though it is always nice to have a true follower.


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