The simple explanation for life is that it is a kaleidoscope of distractions filled with converging situations designed to keep reality a mystery. Like everyone else, I was looking for answers to the most fundamental question of all; “what is the meaning of life?” but unlike everyone else, I believed I was the only one fully contemplating a more profound meaning. I thought that even though the majority of the human race was asking the same question, the majority was not actively seeking answers. You see, I could understand, but I couldn’t comprehend how humans as a group could share the same tormenting and enigmatic concept about why we exist. I thought: ‘could such a notion be a common occurrence, or was it a part of our genetic code?’ I will never be able to unlock this riddle, and perhaps it is not something that requires understanding or comprehension maybe it is just a simple unknown flaw that plagues all humanity.

Over the years, life has raised and flattened quite a few ideas that have popped into my head. And without actively using the insights those ideas present, I noticed they die and make room for new creative information. Our minds overflow with thoughts of changing a life, thoughts on bettering our experiences and feelings of regret towards the life we have. It appears that the meaning of life is the thought upon which all other thoughts emanate. People are thinking in terms of how the past was not good enough, and the future is where the better resides, but most people never believe in the middle where they now exist at the moment where all things are either alright or not alright. I have two bank accounts one I use for everyday purposes, and one I use to save. On occasion things happen that causes my daily account to become close to empty, and so I begin to worry and look to transferring money from my savings account to my current account, but why should I be concerned when I own both accounts, why do I have to notice the numbers in one account; and then I ask myself, “do I need this money today?” and generally the answer will be no and before I know it payday has come around and I am reshuffling more to savings and the remainder to everyday expenses.

As we grow older, we do so by moving into another dimension of life. To better understand this dimension, think of it as the changes in attitude, the movement of different perceptions, and the relative ease in which we accept things. Yesterday’s thoughts, mixed with all the decisions and choices don’t work for us anymore, and yet we persist in trying to reshape those thoughts to make them work without changing the basic premise: what is the meaning of life? Our (personal) world expands and contracts with our thoughts and beliefs. It is our thinking that creates the cinema of life. I had been contemplating buying a new car. I had my mind focused on the make and model and even the color when suddenly I noticed the vehicle appearing everywhere and in different colors, almost persuading me to see the various combinations, this is bringing an object into your reality I now own that car. We are spending our time wondering why we are here instead of using the moment of here to create the life we envision from inside.

In many ways, at a younger age, people wished for a different self to emerge. Young adults, including myself, were always wanting to grow up and move out of the present situation. For me, I tried to get away from my parents; it seemed all the things my parents provided me with was not enough for me. And now in retrospect the life I had while living with my parents was quite good, was more than enough. Of course, I had to obey specific rules, but usually those rules were designed for the benefit of everyone. It wasn’t something to punish me solely. So why did I feel the need to escape home life? The person we all were trying to become, we do become. From the moment that thought entered our minds it became part of our consciousness. But without seeing the instantaneous change, the awaiting of the future self will never be anything more than a long wait. The moment you see yourself as this particular person is the point upon which you begin to build on the vision of who that person will look like today, not tomorrow. Tomorrow is the result of the work you do today; it is the residual effect of the change. So, in essence, without knowing, you are the person you wanted to be because no one or nothing outside of you can create who you are but you. However, screwed up your life is, or sound your life is, the result is a factor of your environment, your upbringing (the incorporation of ideas from those who influence us), your education or lack of knowledge. And then the people in which you associate.

Out of general curiosity, I wondered why we do the things we do, why we think in specific patterns, and how those thoughts contribute to who we are. I believe we are not just things we learn on a daily basis, but rather we are a piece being filtered into the life of who we should be; we are a part of the whole being, and everyone we encounter is also a part. As children, we began to discover who we are by the things we associate unknowingly. These are not random codes placed within a genetic model; moreover, it is a sequential order of matter coming into and around us as does atoms in a molecule. When we connect with other people, whether adults or children, they enter our consciousness with (baggage) as you may want to call it. Now this new interaction can be a welcoming discovery, or it can be an unwelcomed discovery, but it is a discovery nonetheless of the other part of which we are a part. There is a mind, that mind is call it God. And we are the thoughts that within that mind create the life we are engaged. you see, there is nothing random about life, no coincidence, all things are a product of our thinking. it is the thoughts we generate that create the reality of our everyday existence. no two people share the same thought, for each person sees life and the world in a completely different way, and you go about your life thinking that the person standing next to you sees the same thing you see, but they don’t. oh yes you may be viewing the same bird, the same rain falling, or the same sun shinning brightly in the sky, but those things you think are commonality present an entirely different picture to each person.

People ask why God allows this and that to happen. Why are some people rich and some people poor? And no matter how succinctly you describe the situation, people will always accept or reject your explanation based on what they believe. All people do not realize that each person is a product of his or her thoughts, rather people choose to see glory and oppression as attributes passed around by circumstance. People prefer to accept the notion that we are not responsible for the way life is; that someone else is doing it to us. Until you are awakened, much like Neo in The Matrix, you will continue to go through life getting the very things you think of. If you focus on a particular item say a red car, then suddenly all you see are red cars. If you feel unworthy of a relationship with someone of good character that will love you as you want to be loved, then you will have the person who represents your unworthiness. You see you can either think about what you don’t have, or you can think about what you want, each will give the exact thing you are thinking and more of it. So, the meaning of life is not so complicated after all. The meaning of life is whatever you want it to be, there is no secret, it is the compilation of all your thoughts.

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