You can be Grateful and Ambitious at the Same Time

Much of what you have learned about ambition and gratitude in reference to the Laws of Attraction are correct and incorrect according to one’s own perception. One person writes about the manifesting of desires, but strongly suggests that you need to be grateful for what you have and continue to be grateful no matter what you are currently receiving, and then another recommends a clear strong focus on your desires without wavering in any other direction; so how can you do both?

Gratitude implies you have something to be grateful for. Most spiritualist like to prefer your gratitude be for whatever you have whether it is good or bad in your life, I think that being grateful for things I don’t want in my life is just a way of perpetuating more of just that. I came to England almost 6 years ago with the idea of creating not a better life than the one I had, but a continuation of the life I loved. I felt that because of economics and other restraints imposed on me by the company I worked, was no reason to give up the lifestyle I had become comfortably accustomed. This doesn’t mean I was living lavishly, by no means. I was earning only $65,000 a year before leaving Bermuda, but I lived on my own and was able to afford myself the opportunity to do what I liked most; write. There were simple treats also such as a 2 minute walk to a small intimate beach; John Smith’s. My little studio apartment that had a view of Harrington Sound, which looked like a large lake to those who don’t know what a sound looks like. All of this had a flip side; the cost of living was high, and I was made redundant. And so in a matter of minutes my lifestyle, not my life, had been taken.

So here are the contrasts of my life, Blue Bermuda, Grey England. Do I feel more for one and less for the other, should I be more grateful for the here and now or the then and gone? I am equally grateful because one had given me the things Ambition and Gratitude lead me towards but also had been taken away, and then the other connected a path of continuation, the pursuit of a life I knew existed, yet only through ambition and perseverance was allowed to find it. 5 years have gone by here in England, leaving me with a path of endless jobs of low pay. People ask why I keep moving from job to job, they don’t understand that remaining static implies gratitude for what you have, which is all good, but definitely not what gratitude is about. Gratitude is about being thankful for the opportunities, the moment here and now. And with Ambition you see where you are and where you are not. Gratitude is a spiritual experience, ambition is the instrument upon which gratitude can be served.

So I have found the job of my desire simply by never giving up, I knew it was there, only I didn’t know where. It was only through Gratitude and Ambition that the path was made clear. 2 hours away from Stonehouse was a job that could not be connected unless I was there to see it. And so I computed the ratio between where I was to where I wanted to be and took the risk. A number of pieces that made the whole project doable came into play, some small unforeseen things, but time had told me how to wait and how to act and when, it was all part of the ambitious cycle that illuminates a path to the things we want once we are certain about it. And then we become grateful, most grateful. So, ambition and gratitude go hand in hand, it’s always there in front of you. Open your eye’s, open your mind, but most of all open your heart and allow the function of life to flow through you.

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