Relationship With the Past.

I think all of us have been told at some point to “stop living in the past.” And though we are actually not living in the past, but in the present, the past lives on in us through our minds. I had such a diverse past, and though it’s only a day old, stuffed with 62 years of various experiences, I still feel like it was only yesterday. I revert to the past quite often when I have new ideas I want to explore, or I am in need of answers to certain questions, or I simply just want to examine certain feelings about life around me. No matter what, the past holds volumes of information that may have dropped to the bottom of the pile. This information is always retrievable and will surface for you to use if you but ask and wait for the answer to come, and it will.

This bit of instruction next to my writing suggest thinking about the past is wrong or bad, but I just don’t see how it could be if I am using the past as research material for my life today. Okay, true people do have a tendency to reiterate, and include more often than should, stories of times gone by. But for many people stories of yesterday were actually filled with more zest, love and excitement, which may have been, when in comparison to now, a better life. Not everyone has had a past that is not worthy of reliving, and I believe you can incorporate the past with today to help excite emotionally the terms of your day to day life now.

You must remember that living or recounting life of yesterday can be termed unhealthy if you remain there more often than life of now. I once heard from a woman who said “old men talk about what they used to do while young men talk about what they want to do.” I thought this was a prolific statement in that to constantly be in the past is saying that the present is unfulfilling, or that you have outlived your usefulness of today, that you cannot adapt to the changing times, or that you have nothing to bring to the table. Another answer could be that people spend too much in the past because they haven’t knowledge about self-awareness.

Life is a constant metamorphosis, it never stops changing. And people too are always undergoing change because the world is ever changing. Technology, education, ideas, foods, and the way we interact safely with our environment all requires a present moment awareness. You have got to at least have one foot in this moment, but to safely transition from past to the present one must center his attention and focus on that which is most important. Reality is now, it is tangible, achievable and if in you exists a dream of something better, it is not in the past it is in the now. You can juggle several different ideas with hopes of bringing one to full bloom, but until you chose one subject, one direction and one moment, no hope of a better life, or love or an association with the world in which you live, will ever come to the surface. If you are not happy with today, then change it. There is no time limit on this thing called life, you can stop and start at any point and become or do anything you want, it’s all a matter of what you are willing to sacrifice for the things you claim to love and desire.

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